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Fixed Photovoltaic Panels in a Solar PV Station in Germany (Bavaria, Photo taken by BDES)
As experienced project developers for renewable energy power projects in the past we now provide you with technical support in all aspects of project development for a Solar PV Power Station.

At the core of our services we offer Plant Design Optimisation focused on maximizing IRR, NPV or minimizing LCOE just to name a view. With our highly sophisticated tools we can run hundreds of scenarios to find the optimum layout to maximize your benefit. Of course we can also compare inverters and solar panels to select the optimum solution for YOU.

We offer detailed calculations to match demand with supply as good as possible to maximise the benefit of a Solar Power Installation on the roof or on the ground for a commercial or industrial customer.
Our Services:
  • High Level Solar Modeling
  • Principal Plant Design including matching generation with demand for industrial clients
  • Technology Assessment
  • Energy Yield Estimates
  • Insolation Energy Assessments
  • Conceptual Project Design
  • Solar Resource Monitoring
  • Technical Due Diligence
LCOE = Levelized Cost of Energy
IRR = Internal Rate of Return
NPV = Net Present Value